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Consolidación de mercancías:

Consolidation of goods:

We efficiently combine multiple shipments to optimize costs and logistics
MingTa Group, Gateway To China

MingTa Group,
Gateway To China

What can we offer to you?

With the aim of improving service and trust for anyone interested in starting or consolidating their businesses and activities in China.

Purchasing management

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Sourcing suppliers and products

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Merchandise Consolidation

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Import management

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Factory audit

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About MingTa

MingTa in China, our main office is located in the city of Shenzhen, the image of the modernization of China, and from there we take care of carrying out all the necessary procedures so that your project develops in an unbeatable way.

MingTa Team

Our team manages import-export and brings you closer to the Asian giant without having to relocate your own personnel or having to make heavy investments to create a subsidiary there.


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